The Astellas Americas Social Responsibility Program

At Astellas, we envision a world where communities of all kinds have the means they need to live smart today and every day.

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Astellas follows a strict code of conduct and corporate social responsibility (CSR) guiding principles that inform policies and decision‐making.

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Our People

We offer an environment that promotes teamwork, empowers employees, respects diversity and values individual initiative. The company’s Living Smart platform is based on the belief that all individuals can live to their fullest potential if given the right resources and opportunities.

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Brighter Tomorrows

At Astellas, we believe in creating a future we can all look forward to, one filled with good health and with loved ones to share it.

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Stakeholder Engagement

We share a commitment with healthcare providers and patients to improve the health of people around the world. Astellas Americas recognizes the crucial role that patient groups and healthcare providers play in enhancing and extending the lives of patients.

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Beyond simply supporting programs, Astellas invests in the happiness of our employees by giving them five paid days a year to volunteer at an eligible nonprofit of their choice. Also, each year, we host a year‐long global service campaign called Changing Tomorrow Day.

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Prepared Communities

At Astellas, we want to help ensure that every community has the resources it needs to be ready to face any challenge. We want to protect our loved ones against uncertainty, and preparation can help.

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In 1 year, Astellas diverted 41% of waste from landfills, conserving:

Reduced plastic-bottled water consumption by 80,000 bottles a year
Enough gasoline to drive 26,628 miles or 1× around the planet
Enough paper to produce 10,011,120 sheets of newspaper


At Astellas, our commitment to sustainability includes our buildings, our facilities, and the way we conduct day‐to‐day operations.

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Astellas USA Foundation

Astellas USA Foundation was formed in 2005 at the time of the historical merger of Japan’s third and fifth largest pharmaceutical companies — Yamanouchi and Fujisawa — into Astellas Pharma Inc.

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