Our commitment to operating ethically is at the core of how we work every day. Ethics and compliance are key components of Corporate Social Responsibility at Astellas.

We have an unwavering commitment to follow both the letter and the spirit of the law and conduct business with the highest sense of integrity. Astellas follows a strict Code of Conduct and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) guiding principles that inform policies and decision-making. To uphold the highest standards, the CSR team actively seeks feedback from CSR and sustainability experts, internal and external stakeholders and industry partners.


Our foundational CSR principles are based on ethics and compliance. We conduct our worldwide business fully in accordance with applicable laws, regulations and codes. We also uphold the highest ethical standards in all our activities. Astellas has a global Ethics & Compliance function dedicated to ensuring that we have an effective and comprehensive compliance program.

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Responsible Business Activities

Our dedication to ethics and compliance extends beyond our employees. Astellas is committed to maintaining a transparent and ethical business relationship with all stakeholders. We expect ethical behavior and compliance with applicable policies and regulations of both ourselves and our business partners.

We believe Astellas can only fulfill its CSR commitments with the support of our business partners. It is of the utmost importance that our business partners understand, support and promote Astellas’ commitment to responsible business activities. We want our partners to align with our vision for creating a better tomorrow by Living SMART™ today. In particular, we focus on business activities that fall into the following categories:

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Integrity in Action

In 2016, the Ethics & Compliance department launched a global initiative called “Integrity in Action.” This initiative focuses on reinforcing a corporate culture where Astellas leaders and employees take responsibility, act ethically and lead by example. Astellas hosted supporting activities throughout the United States, Brazil and Canada, including presentations on key Ethics & Compliance topics. More than 2,000 employees participated in the Integrity in Action activities across the Americas.


Our procurement policies and practices ensure our business partners operate responsibly to help us create our medicines and serve our patients. In that collaborative spirit, Astellas addresses such issues as ethics; labor; health and safety; environment; and quality, cost and distribution.

We aim to improve enterprise value and sustainable growth for both our company and our suppliers.

Some of our key responsible procurement activities include:

Our Business Partner Code of Conduct covers ethical, labor, health and safety, environmental and management systems concerns. We sought responses from our suppliers, through our supplier management portal, on the ways in which their business practices align with this Code of Conduct.

In September 2015, we began a global outreach initiative to ask our suppliers about their Corporate Social Responsibility to ensure our suppliers share our commitment to fair labor practices and protecting the environment. We are proud of our commitment to respect for human rights.

We continue to find new opportunities to work more efficiently and responsibly. In 2016, we launched a new procurement system, powered by SAP Ariba, that enabled the organization to be more efficient and effective, such as providing paperless invoicing for Astellas globally. The Accounts Payable team is similarly urging Astellas suppliers to accept electronic fund transfers, rather than paper checks, and we have even initiated a portal to onboard new suppliers.

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Astellas values and respects privacy rights. Personal information is central to our business, but we must obtain and use personal information fairly and transparently. We expect all service providers to protect privacy rights, especially those who process personal information on our behalf.

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