Living SMART is the Astellas approach to preparing communities today for what can happen tomorrow. The Living SMART framework brings together the strength of the charitable Astellas USA Foundation and our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) work to find the areas where we can make the most impact to improve lives. Astellas USA Foundation and Astellas CSR collaborate to create a positive impact on society.

While CSR at Astellas and Astellas USA Foundation are distinct entities, they both share the common goal of improving communities today to be better equipped for tomorrow through three overarching focus areas:

We are dedicated to supporting access to information that will help people work with their healthcare providers to make informed decisions when family members get sick, giving them one less thing to worry about.





We are passionate about Astellas scientists volunteering with partners of Science WoRx, Astellas USA Foundation’s signature Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Education program to get teachers and students excited about STEM in the classroom and after-school enrichment, setting up the next generation of leaders for success.



We are committed to helping communities prepare for, rather than just react to, natural disasters. Astellas USA Foundation provides funding for disaster response efforts while Astellas employees support these efforts with blood drives. Astellas also matches all employee donations to the American Red Cross. We feel it is essential that we help communities prepare for disaster and respond immediately.


How do we affect change in these focus areas? In the following sections of this report, we have included information about our approach to our work and the progress we made in 2016.

“We opened our brand new office in Colombia in early 2017. From the start, we are building Corporate Social Responsibility into our work here. As Astellas, it is important for us to be integrated into the community here, and we’re looking forward to finding new opportunities in Colombia to do just that.”

— Sandra Cifuentes, general manager, International Operations, Astellas Farma Colombia

We use the Living SMART approach to focus and guide our CSR and Foundation efforts. At Astellas, our community-focused work is about sustainability: we are working today to prepare communities for tomorrow. The Living SMART platform focuses our partner support across these three pillars by engaging employees and giving them the opportunity to expand our impact with Astellas’ and Astellas USA Foundation’s community partners.

Through Living SMART, Astellas USA Foundation and CSR collaborate to enable our Astellas employees to volunteer at the programs that Astellas USA Foundation supports.

Astellas gives full-time employees five paid days annually to volunteer, a unique opportunity across our industry. Employees contribute their time to charitable organizations they’re passionate about.

In 2016, we expanded our impact. By uniting our focus under the pillars of Living SMART, we have worked to connect our volunteering activities with our funded programs. We are getting involved in our communities beyond funding programs, and creating dynamic opportunities to give back.

Underscoring our commitment to STEM education, Astellas employees signed up through Astellas USA Foundation’s Science WoRx Mentor’s program to work with students in partnership with grantees of the Foundation. This year, 20 Astellas employees supported the Chicago Zoological Society — also a Science WoRx partner — by serving as judges for science fairs at the Brookfield Zoo.

There are many unmet needs in our communities. Through Living SMART, we are able to focus our efforts to deliver the most impact and change.

Awards and Recognition

We are proud of our employees and their contributions to the community and appreciate the external recognition we have received:

2016 data is from Fiscal Year 2016 at Astellas Americas, which was from April 1, 2016 – March 31, 2017.