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We know that our employees across the Americas are the foundation of our success. They are our greatest asset. Learn more about our Employee Resource Groups.

Who We Are

More than 3,000 dedicated employees in the U.S., Canada, Colombia and Brazil drive Astellas. Our regional headquarters is in Northbrook, Illinois, United States of America.

We are extremely proud of our commitments to diversity and inclusion and to providing meaningful benefits to our employees. We know we are different from traditional pharmaceutical companies in what we do, how we act and what we believe.

Our culture? Results-oriented
Our future? A growing company that is innovative and performance-focused
Our focus? Patients

Astellas employees are creative and committed, and we are proud to celebrate what we accomplished together in 2016.

Employee Engagement

We believe that an engaged workforce is happier and more productive. We empower our employees to create solutions in their jobs and in their communities, and are proud that we consistently rank high in employee engagement at Astellas.

Studies show that employees – especially millennials – want to work for companies that are good corporate stewards and operate responsibly. We’re proud that social responsibility is already a part of our corporate culture, and we continuously work to raise awareness of these efforts internally and externally.

New Global Culture Initiative

In April 2016, Astellas launched the next iteration of its cultural journey: Our Journey to One Astellas. A robust internal campaign rooted in authentic imagery of those who are most central to our culture — our patients and our employees — began to carry our culture messaging through our programs, projects and processes organization-wide.

Culture shapes how we operate internally and externally so living The Astellas Way and being One Astellas is a powerful competitive advantage that enables us to achieve even better business results in a changing marketplace and further support our patients and community.

The Astellas Way values of patient focus, ownership, results, openness and integrity drive us to Change Tomorrow and make a difference. Examples can be seen through:

IN NOVEMBER, Astellas employees in Canada found a new way to embody The Astellas Way — though professional basketball.

Astellas Pharma Canada partnered with the Toronto Raptors and Movember to engage basketball fans around an important cause. As the Toronto Raptors took on the Philadelphia 76ers, special broadcasts, including a Top 10 Moustaches countdown, encouraged fans to post selfies using the hashtag #baskets4bros. For each selfie posted with the hashtag, APCA committed to making a $5 donation to Movember. As a result, we saw a $50,000 donation to Movember, and showcased Astellas’ commitment to oncology patients and to changing tomorrow.


This year, we piloted an online system to match mentors and mentees. The initiative, Modern Mentoring & Learning, not only provides an opportunity for individuals to gain personal mentoring, but also contains peer learning groups for growth around individual skill areas.

We received very positive feedback from the pilot, that included 380 active users across 37 different departments, and we will roll out the program to the broader organization in 2017.

Diversity and Inclusion

Astellas strives to provide an inclusive, equitable and supportive environment. We define diversity as all the characteristics of individuals that make them unique and distinct. Some of those characteristics are visible, like gender, race, physical ability and age. Others are not visible, like language, religion, heritage, skills, beliefs and sexual orientation.

“I can't overemphasize how meaningful it is that Astellas has repeatedly merited a 100% rating on the Human Rights Campaign’s Corporate Equality Index (CEI). The CEI is an important benchmark for me and many LGBTQ people/allies looking for an inclusive place to work. It speaks volumes about how LGBTQ employees are valued at an organization, and it is a significant driver in recruiting top talent. I’m proud of Astellas’ continued commitment to being an open and supportive workplace for all.”

 — Ellen Papadakis, assistant general counsel, Legal
      2016 Chair of Together as One, Astellas’ LGBTQA Employee Resource Group

Astellas recognizes the importance and value of having employees who bring a mix of skills and different experiences to the workplace. And if diversity is the mix, inclusion makes the mix work. Inclusion means bringing many diverse points of view together and creating an environment in which each voice can be heard and where every employee feels free to speak up.

At Astellas, we collectively share the belief that our expertise, combined with each other’s novel approaches and experiences, can be used to create better solutions.

Diversity and Inclusion are Part of Our Culture

In 2016, we relaunched an exciting initiative — our Diversity & Inclusion Initiative — to better integrate diversity and inclusion into the cultural fabric of Astellas. What does this mean? It means embedding our diversity and inclusion commitments into day-to-day management and evaluating our people, business processes and our governance practices on a continual basis. It means practicing what we preach and leveraging the experiences and expertise of all our employees to better serve our patients and the communities around us.

We are taking steps now to shift the ownership of diversity and inclusion from our Human Resources team to senior leaders to ensure that Astellas continues to be a diverse and inclusive place to work.

Employee Benefits

Astellas cares about its employees and their families. That is why we believe supporting a culture of caring will continue to differentiate Astellas as an organization and further highlight us as an employer of choice. In fact, recent benchmarking against other pharma companies confirms that our Rewards Package is among the best in the pharma industry. Our Rewards Package offers exceptional Health Plan coverage, financial benefits, expanded caregiving services and resources through Family Care Solutions, Flexible Work Schedules, Paid Family Care Leave, Paid Volunteer Time Off and much more.

In 2016, we added the following benefits to our Rewards package:

One recent example of how Astellas’ benefits program reflects its culture is Astellas’ expanded benefits coverage for fertility preservation via cryopreservation and storage of eggs or embryos for women and semen for men whose subsequent cancer treatment could result in infertility. This change allows for future in-vitro fertilization or an embryo transfer following successful cancer treatment. Not only does this change bring a tremendous sense of relief for affected employees, but it also reinforces how working together can make a big difference in people’s lives. This is the same focus we bring every day to our business: trying to find ways to help our patients improve their lives.

Astellas is Recognized as an Employer of Choice

Astellas has been recognized by outside organizations for our commitment to our employees, and in 2016, we are especially proud of the following recognition:

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