Our Heritage

Launched in April 2005, Astellas was formed through the historical merger of Japan's third and fifth largest pharmaceutical companies - Yamanouchi, founded in 1923, and Fujisawa, founded in 1894.

Both companies possessed similarities where it matters most - philosophy and vision. But the companies also differed where it matters most - areas of therapeutic concentration and expertise.

Yamanouchi brought a record of developing blockbuster drugs, a pipeline full of promising new compounds and a sales and marketing culture of deeply grounded, data-driven expertise.

Fujisawa brought dominance in transplantation, a soaring reputation for in-depth understanding of the disease states and treatments within its market niches, and a track record for developing high-profile, market - leading products that become new standards of care.

With an unrelenting commitment to R&D as a value-creating core of its business, Astellas is consolidated around complementary strengths from Yamanouchi and Fujisawa. Astellas stands on a much stronger, more advanced business platform than either of the former companies could have mounted individually.

For more information about the history of Astellas including a historical timeline of the company’s accomplishments please visit the Astellas Pharma Inc. Web site.

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