Our Brand Mark

image:Brand Mark The Astellas brand mark reflects the corporate vision of Astellas - to deliver hope to all for a healthy life, supported by state-of-the-art science, technology and new insights. The brand mark is a visual representation of our corporate personality - trustworthy, sincere and visionary.

We can be relied upon to deliver new answers where there have traditionally been none. We are understanding, professional/expert, responsible and genuine in our desire to help those with unmet needs.

We do what we say. We are open, candid and heartfelt in our goal to make things better. From the beginning, we have looked for how we can serve patients who need it most, and we haven’t lost sight of that goal.

We anticipate what is needed and apply innovative thinking in order to develop new solutions. We are enthusiastic, collaborative and creative when we set out to change outlooks and inspire hope through our innovation.

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