Astellas CT Day logo Each year, Astellas employees around the world get out from behind their desks, roll up their sleeves and take a day together to build brighter communities. Changing Tomorrow Day is our annual day of service. At Astellas, how we operate is just as important as the medicines we manufacture. Our business philosophy is to operate in a socially responsible way through an approach we call "Living SmartTM." Living Smart means preparing communities today for what can happen tomorrow. Our goal is to help our communities access the resources they need to flourish and face the future with confidence.

Astellas and its employees are dedicated to volunteerism. Since 2009, Astellas employees have volunteered more than 75,000 hours to nonprofits and community organizations. From planting trees to painting walls to preparing food, Astellas employees are committed to changing tomorrow.

Changing Tomorrow Day is a global initiative that mobilizes Astellas employees to commit to an entire day of service. A series of company-sponsored volunteer events, Changing Tomorrow Day is a collaborative effort with local nonprofits to provide employees diverse opportunities to make a positive, measurable impact. We aim to reach our 2016 goal of 15,000 volunteer service hours through a variety of activities around the U.S., Canada and Brazil.

Paid Volunteer Time Off

While Changing Tomorrow Day brings Astellas employees together to make a broad impact, Astellas Americas employees are also offered five paid days off to volunteer and make their own personal impact at charitable organizations that are important to them.

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