Inspired by a Vision of a Healthier World, Astellas Is Seeing Green


These terms are becoming more frequent topics of conversation in the media, at home, and in the workplace. As our society focuses on ways to become more environmentally conscious, more and more companies are choosing to go green. For a company like Astellas, sustainability includes our buildings, facilities, and the way we conduct day-to-day operations, but also extends to the people we serve, our surrounding communities, and the environment from which we derive our resources. Astellas believes that a robust program of sustainability is not only the right thing to do, but also supports our vision of corporate social responsibility, enhances our reputation, serves society, and even spurs innovation and creativity across all areas of our operations.

" Astellas was recently recognized for its unwavering commitment to the environment in Newsweek's annual 2015 Green Rankings and appears on several other sustainability indices. Learn more."

Our Vision
Astellas' commitment to changing tomorrow embraces the concept of sustainability by emphasizing the impact we can make within our communities. We are committed to sustaining our planet's resources and firmly believe that through diligent leadership and continuous innovation, Astellas can play an important role in reducing humanity's global footprint. We are inspired by the vision of a healthier world, which we can help achieve by becoming better stewards of the environment. That's why efforts are underway across the company to address our commitment to a sustainable future.

In the U.S., the Company is taking continuous steps to reduce its impact on the environment including:

  1. Implementing programs that resulted in a reduction of 832,126 kWh of energy use, which is equivalent to planting more than 241 acres of trees or removing more than 115 cars from the roads.
  2. Identifying measures to improve the energy efficiency of the LEED Gold-certified Astellas facility in Northbrook, Illinois that reduced electricity use by 4.5 percent and cut natural gas consumption by 40 percent.
  3. Donating and planting 300 trees for the National Reforestation Program through a partnership between Agensys, an Astellas affiliate located in a LEED Silver-certified building based in Santa Monica, Calif., and a laboratory equipment supplier.
  4. Eliminating the sale of plastic bottled water at the Northbrook facility and expanded its recycling program to include plastic bags, batteries, expired electronics and compostable materials, which diverts an average of 40 percent of waste monthly from landfills.

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