See CMS Open Payments FAQ and Glossary and Acronyms for further information.

What is the Physician Payments Sunshine Act?

How does the U.S. Sunshine Act impact state transparency reporting requirements?

How does the U.S. Sunshine Act define a “covered recipient”?

How does the U.S. Sunshine Act define a “physician"?

Are residents and fellows classified as “covered recipients?”

What types of payments must be reported under the U.S. Sunshine Act?

What level of detail will the report contain?

Are payments and transfers of value for international engagements (received by U.S. covered recipients) reportable under the Sunshine Act?

Are manufacturers required to track indirect transfers of value, such as those in which a third party provides the payment or other transfer of value to a covered recipient?

Will covered recipients be able to view information/data prior to public disclosure (e.g., Will Astellas disclose data prior to its availability through CMS)?

How might I find additional information about the Federal Physician Payment Sunshine Act?

How do I contact at Astellas if I have any questions about the U.S. Sunshine Act?

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